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Brog Co., Ltd., FANABLE("Fanable"), establishes and discloses this Privacy Policy to protect the personal information of data subjects and to promptly and smoothly handle related complaints in accordance with Article 30 of the Personal Information Protection Act.

* This Privacy Policy will be effective from December 22, 2022.
* This policy is governed by Korean law.


1. Purpose of personal information
  Fanable processes personal information for the purpose of confirming and responding to 


  The processed personal information will not be used for purposes other than the stated

  objective, and if the purpose of use is changed, necessary measures, such as obtaining separate

  consent in accordance with Article 18 of the Personal Information Protection Act, will be taken

2. Processing and retention period of personal information
  - Fanable processes and retains personal information from you in accordance with applicable

  - Each personal information will be destroyed without delay after the purpose of use has been


3. Items of personal information

   - e-mail address, name, company name

4. Procedure and method of personal information disposal
  - Fanable will promptly destroy the relevant personal information when it becomes

    unnecessary due to the expiration of the retention period or the achievement of the

    processing purpose.
  - Fanable selects the personal information for disposal, obtains approval from the personal

    information protection manager of Fanable, and proceeds with the disposal of the personal


  - Information in electronic file format will be disposed of using techniques that make the

     records irreproducible.

5. Rights, obligations, and methods of exercise for data subjects and legal representatives
  - Data subjects have the right to exercise their rights, such as accessing, correcting, deleting,

    and requesting the suspension of processing their personal information, at any time with

    respect to Fanable.

  - The exercise of rights under the first paragraph can be done by submitting a written request,

    e-mail, FAX, or other means specified in Article 41(1) of the Enforcement Decree of the Personal

    Information Protection Act to Fanable, and Fanable will take prompt action in response.

  - The exercise of rights under the first paragraph can be done through a legal representative of

    the data subject or an authorized representative. In this case, a power of attorney according to

    the format in Annex 11 of the "Guidelines on Personal Information Processing Methods

    (No. 2020-7)" must be submitted.

  - The rights of the data subject, such as requesting access to personal information and

     requesting the suspension of processing, may be restricted under Article 35(4) and Article

     37(2) of the Personal Information Protection Act.

  - If the personal information is clearly specified as a collection target in other laws, the request

    for correction and deletion of personal information cannot be made.

  - When receiving requests for access, correction, deletion, or suspension of processing

     according to the rights of data subjects, Fanable verifies whether the requester is the data

     subject or a legitimate representative.

6. Measures for ensuring the security of personal information

  To ensure the security of personal information handling, Fanable conducts regular internal


7. Installation, operation, and refusal of devices for automatic collection of personal information
  Fanable does not use cookies to store and retrieve usage information of data subjects.


8. Information regarding the Personal Information Protection Manager

   - Fanable has designated a Personal Information Protection Manager who is responsible for

     overseeing the processing of personal information and handling complaints and remedies

     related to personal information processing.

      * Personal Information Protection Manager : Park Seungin /

  - As an information subject, you can contact the Personal Information Protection Manager or

    the relevant department of Fanable for any inquiries, complaints, or requests related to the

    protection of personal information arising from your use of Fanable's services (or business).

    Fanable will respond to and address your inquiries promptly.

10. Methods of Remedy for Violations of Information Subject's Rights

  Information subjects may apply for dispute resolution or consultation regarding personal data

  breaches to organizations such as the Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee and

  the Korea Internet & Security Agency Personal Information Breach Report Center. For reporting

  and consultation on other personal data breaches, please contact the following organizations:





Individuals who have suffered infringements of their rights or interests due to decisions or actions taken by the head of a public agency in response to requests made under the provisions of Article 35 (Access to Personal Information), Article 36 (Correction or Deletion of Personal Information), and Article 37 (Suspension of Processing Personal Information) of the Personal Information Protection Act may file an administrative appeal in accordance with the provisions of the Administrative Adjudication Act.

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