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As an agency registered at Korea e-Sports Association(KeSPA), FANABLE provides the best

management services and always offers new ideas and concepts  for players, teams, and

companies that want to be involved with global e-sports.

FANABLE is currently active in League of Legends(LoL) and expanding into various games. 

We are dedicated to generating long-term value in the esports market and making every

effort to become the most innovative and respected partner through advanced solutions.


Just like traditional sports athletes, e-sports professionals should also receive comprehensive

management services so that they can fully concentrate on their performances.

FANABLE leverage data-driven insights to negotiate optimal conditions with teams of

major and minor leagues, ensuring that professionals receive a range of rights and benefits.


We provide extensive support in legal/tax/marketing advisory services, and personal issues. 

And also accurately assess and maximize the media/brand value of professionals,

while protecting and enhancing their rights.


FANABLE connects brands that seek to enhance their brand value through partnership with

e-sports leagues, teams, and players that align best with their corporate image and values.

And also provides strategies and insights to foster the best possible synergy through various

collaboration methods such as partnerships, and on/offline event merchandises.

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